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Patty and Paddington

A match made in heaven with just the names.  My sweet girl is three years old and has been very picky about the male she meets, we have tried several times to breed her with no luck or interest in the male.  Then Paddington came along and swept her off her feet.  They played and had lots of fun, and now we have mini labradoodles coming to you!!

Ms. Patty

2020-09-16 Janey and Big Patty 001_edited.jpg

Mr. Paddington


Patty is a papered designer bred Standard Labradoodle. Patty came from one of our very own litters and we sure have loved her from day 1.  She was born on St Patrick's Day hence her name!  She is such a sweet heart and super smart can bark, stay, sit, spin, and even jump through a hula hoop!  

Paddington is a mini moyen poodle who is just adored by his family who breeds goldendoodles.  He is their favorite but don't tell the other dogs, he is such a great companion and his coloring is a beautiful red!  

Patty and Paddington: Services
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