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A week of FIRSTS

This week we had two firsts for the puppies! First they got introduced to dog food - they crawled into their Mom's bowl and started eating dogfood - so I thought it is time! They now get some milk and dog food every day and enjoy it. At times they get it more every where else then in their mouths!! Today Patty was all the way in the bowl!! The SECOND first - is their FIRST OUTING OUTSIDE! The weather has been amazing - so we took that opportunity to have the puppies go outside for the first time! They weren't quite sure what to think of the grass in the beginning but now by day three they are chewing on it! Super fun and super cute!! Loving having these cute pups around right now - they bring joy to each day!! In the outside pictures you probably were wondering where are the other puppies - my daughters love the darker brown pups :)

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