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Fun with the Pups!

These Mini Labradoodles are now 8 1/2 weeks, and 4 of the 8 puppies that we started with have gone to thier forever homes! 😊 It is hard to see them go, but it's nice that they are leaving at different times, so we can slowly adjust to being only a dog run house again... All of these puppies are spoken for and will be in thier homes soon. But for now we get to see that the puppies are getting better at climbing stairs (at least climbing down 😂), and staying awake for a while before they flop back to sleep. It is so cute when they run up to you and you carry them in your arms as they wag, and wag their little tails! I hope you enjoy the pictures of the last 4 pups, doing what they do best!!! (Playing, sleeping and just being puppies!) 😊

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