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I can't believe that all these sweet puppies will be in new homes in just a few days! We sure have loved these cute little pups! We get a hoot out of the escape conartist Clarice that always finds a way to escape the puppy area, we love the sweetness of Comet and Prancer. Rudolph with his GIANTNESS we just love!! Cupid seems to be one of my big dogs and is always around them. Dasher loves people and is always the first to be there. Blitzen and Donner are always playing together! Vixen and her whiteness just makes her stand out, but then there's Dancer who is the darkest and it is so fun to pick her out of everyone! Here's some pictures of US with our pups and the love we have given them from the beginning! May you all continue to LOVE these cute littles - who are quickly growing - Rudolph was 15 pounds at the vet yesterday!! It is bitter sweet to see them go - we will miss them!!! COME VISIT US ANY TIME! We love to see our GrandPups!

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