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It is amazing to think that these puppies will be in new homes soon! They are so much fun! We sure have loved having these cuties! They are growing and growing - becoming more explorers! They have found holes I didn't know they could - under the shed they started exploring and two even got stuck! The holes have now been filled - but it was a little scary! They have been chasing the chickens more and more - and even caught one the other day. The pups now chase their mother to try to nurse, Mom has a harder time getting away from them now, ,but still wins! My kids have been by my side as we have been doing this. It has be great and they have loved it! My daughter is my biggest helper - she's been by my side as we daily care and love these puppies!! Last week but these pups are ready!! My husband says come get them today! He's the one filling the holes, and picking up after the monsters :)

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