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These Puppies are miniature Labradoodles who were born July 29th and will be ready for your home on September 23rd at 8 weeks of age.  Call or text 480-747-2073 for more information. Follow us on Facebook!!

image2 (15)_edited.jpg

Sandy - Girl

Sandy is one of the lighter brown ones, and she has a line of white on her chest. Sandy weighs 5.2 pounds, she is one of the smaller pups of the litter.


Pearl - Girl

Pearl is a cute little pup. She is also one of the lighter brown puppies and has a line of white on her chest. Her paws and the tip of her tail are white. She is the smallest of the litter and weighs 4.3 pounds.


Cruise - Boy

Cruise is our sweet male who has the lightest brown coat of the litter. He is one of the larger puppies, and weighs 6 pounds.

IMG_6577 (1)_edited.jpg

Atlas - Boy

Atlas is a sweet little boy with a fun personality. He is brown and has a little  white line on his chest. He weighs 5.4 pounds.

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Captain - Boy

Captain is the darkest of the litter. He has a tiny white line on his chest and the tips of 3 of his paws are white. Captain weighs 5.9 pounds.


Neptune - Boy

Neptune is the second darkest of the litter. He has a hint of a white line on his chest. He is very playful. He is one of the bigger puppies of the litter and weighs 6.2 pounds.

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