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We have F1B miniature Labradoodles that will be available for Easter!! Who wants a surprise for Easter!  Momma is our sweet Patty girl that is a standard size labradoodle, and Daddy is Paddington who is a miniature moyen poodle.  These pups are adorable and will be a small to medium size dog from 20-30 pounds.  Contact us today for your puppy!!!

Choice of puppies will go in the order of the deposits received.  All puppies will have their first round of immunizations, be dewormed every two weeks, have a health check from a veterinarian, registration papers, and a 1 year health genetic garuantee.


Cinderella - Girl

Cinderella is a cute pup. She is the lightest colored puppy in the litter. She is also has the thickest fur of the group. She weighs 6.6 pounds.ounces.


Rapunzel - Girl

Rapunzel is a playful girl with a fun personality! Rapunzel has mostly strait hair and is one of the lighter brown puppies. She is one of the bigger pups of the litter and weighs 6.13 pounds.ounces. 


Ariel - Girl - Unavailable 

Ariel is our curly sweet girl who has the darkest brown coat of the litter. On her chest their is a white dot of fur. She is one of the smaller puppies, and weighs 5.11 pounds.ounces. 


Jasmin - Girl - Unavailable 

Jasmin is a sweet puppy with dark and mostly strait fur. She is darker brown and is 6.4 pounds.ounces.


Belle - Girl

Belle is the of the darkest of the litter. She also is one of the curliest. This pup weighs 6.6 pounds. 


Aurora- Girl - Unavailable 

Aurora is a cute little pup. She is medium brown in color and has white on her chest and white on a few of her toes! Her fur is straiter than most of the puppies in the litter. Aurora weighs 5.10 pounds.


Eric - Boy

Eric is such a wonderful prince with light fur and a light nose! He has a bit of waves in his coat. He is 7.6 pounds.ounces.


Eugene - Boy - Unavailable 

Eugene is a handsome pup. He has wavy fur and is a middle shade of brown. Eugene has a white chest and also has white toes on his front paw. He is the largest of the litter and weighs 8.5 pounds.ounces.


Charming - Boy

Prince Charming is an awesome boy that has dark, curly fur. He has a white dot on his head, and another on his  chest. His is the second largest of the litter and weighs 7.13 pounds.ounces.


Aladdin - Boy

Aladdin is our little boy who is a lighter brown in color. He has a light, pink nose and wavy fur. Aladdin his the smallest of the puppies and weighs 5.7 pounds.ounces. He is also our easiest pup to take pictures of. 😛 

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