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More Outdoor fun!

The puppies love their outside pen connected to their shed, but sometimes they feel a little sad that they don't get the whole backyard... I like to help them and let them out sometimes. Well ok, quite a bit. 😊 it is fun to watch them chase you, and Winnie (their mom) all acrose the yard. Wow, how it us hard to keep track of all of them sometimes, at that point I find out it is nice to have a few extra hands. 😂 And then, when they got tired out(yes i know it is surprising, but they do get tried) they drink lots of water, and then trot back over to thier puppy shed, and sleep. 😄 I hope you like the pictures of them in the beautiful weather, I think I got some good ones. Remember these pups need a home so don't hesitate to contact us! Bye

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